Some Key Differences Between Paintball and Airsoft

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Airsoft and paintball can seem the same at first glance, right? The more that you know more details about these different sports, the more that you will realize that they are different from each other.

Airsoft is a simulation game that will make you feel like you are in combat. Airsoft guns are filled with pellets. These pellets will be launched from guns that will look similar to actual guns. Paintball, on the other hand, will require the use of special paintball guns. Every time a player is hit, a splatter of paint will appear on his/her clothes.

Between the two, airsoft is the more affordable sport. It will also provide a more realistic and elaborate warfare experience. Paintball games can be very huge events. There are also more people who organize paintball games.

Differences Between the Rules of Paintball and Airsoft

There are some similarities between the rules of paintball and airsoft. For instance, they both limit the maximum allowable velocity. Bullets or paintballs that will be shot fast will have the tendency to hurt others. The guns are usually set between 300 – 500 fps.

One difference is in Airsoft; the rules may change depending on where you will play. The operators can change the rules depending on what they think will work for the teams that are going to play. Paintball will have a more specific set of rules. This can be because of the fact that Paintball will have the tendency to get more people hurt especially if they do not follow the rules. Paintballs will be propelled from paintball markers and they are usually larger. Therefore, they can cause more damage as compared to 6mm pellets coming from Airsoft guns.

The Differences Between Paintball and Softball Equipment

There are some differences between the paintball and softball equipment that will be used. It was already discussed earlier that there are some differences like with the guns that will be used. For Airsoft, expect that the guns will look like actual firearms. This will help mimic how it would feel like when you are in the war. You can usually get practice guns too in 2-tone. The guns are usually powered by batteries, springs, or gas. (CO2)

For Paintball, the guns are going to be different from Airsoft. There are two parts available namely hopper and tank. Unlike Airsoft guns that can be powered by spring or batteries, paintball guns will only work with CO2 or HPA. Most people would prefer the use of HPA because they feel that this can give them an advantage when they are already playing.

You need the following Airsoft equipment in order to play:

  • Eye Protection
  • Some would require you to wear a full face mask
  • BBs
  • Other accessories such as magazines for the BB bullets

You need the following Paintball equipment to play:

  • Paintball mask
  • Paintball marker
  • Tags with barrel
  • Tank and hopper
  • Other accessories

Depending on where you will play airsoft or paintball, there may be other required items or equipment. Some of them can be rented on site. If case rentals are not available, you would need to get them on your own before you will be allowed to play.


Playing Airsoft and Paintball can be fun. You are allowed to have your own preference. Choose which sport you would like to play first. You can start playing for fun first. Then, when you feel like you are getting better at it, that is the time when you can start joining some events. Playing both will also help you meet new people and make new friends.

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