How to Prepare for Night Paintball Games

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A paintballer will be able to play paintball whenever he wants. He may choose to play during the daytime and have a lot of fun. Yet, they say that playing paintball can become more challenging yet, fun when people can play at night. Is this something that you would like to try soon?

What makes this fun for a lot of people is paintballing during weekends can last for more than two days. It will be exhausting but it will give you a sense of fulfillment that you may not get when you play the usual paintball game. The area will surely be dark and you may need more equipment but these factors can make the game more exciting, right?

What are the Night Paintball Rules?

You may be familiar with the paintball rules when you play during the daytime. What about the paintball rules when you are playing at night? These are just a few of the rules that you should know:

  1. Firefights are usually set in a much shorter range. Make sure to adjust your paintball gun accordingly to avoid hurting someone accidentally. The paintball operators will usually set the FPS that your gun needs to be on.
  2. The moment that you are hit, you would need to say that you are out straight away. It is more difficult to try checking the paint hit at night. This is why the moment that you get hit, you are already out.
  3. You can also barrel tag if you want to avoid someone. This means that you do not need to “hit” another person anymore just to eliminate the player. Simply barrel-tagging will be enough.

You are recommended to keep quiet while you are playing. You have a higher chance of hitting your targets when they do not know that you are nearby.

Night Paintball Equipment You Should Use

You cannot go out on the battlefield without having the right equipment like night vision optics to use. You can be prepared for it by checking out some of the equipment that you can get here. Choose the best ones available but make sure that you will not forget the following:

  • Goggle Lenses – You cannot use your usual mirrored lenses right now. When someone shines a light on you, you will get blinded and you will not be able to hide as fast as you want. You will not find your target too. Find some colored lenses that will be best to help you see in the dark. Find amber or rose-colored ones.
  • Dark and Neutral Colored Clothing –Now is not the best time to wear all of your neon clothes. Your main goal is to stay hidden. If you would not wear the right clothes, you will stick out immediately. People will see where you are even if it is dark. When the light hits you, no matter how fleeting it can be, you will be seen.
  • Tracer Paintballs – You need to “charge” this under lights before you would be using them. This way, you will know if it has hit anyone and you can also trace where it is. You would need to mix this with your usual paintball so that they can be seen easily.
  • Flashlights – Some people are perfectly happy with the usual flashlights but if you want a piece of really good equipment, you can start with barrel flashlights. Make sure that you can attach it near your trigger so that you can engage in really fun paintballing games at night.
  • Scopes – How will you be able to see in the dark? You cannot rely on the naked eye to help you see at night. What you can do is to get the right scope that will give you a clearer idea of your surroundings. You will be able to detect movement easily too so you know what area you should keep your eye on.


You can be aware of the different places near you where night paintball usually takes place. You can also contact other people who are also interested in playing paintball so that you can schedule a time when you can all play. Just remember the different rules of the game as they may be different from paintball games during the daytime. Be aware of the equipment that you need too. These items will make the whole activity more fun.

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